“No Ragrets”- A Lesson from We’re the Millers

While he wasn’t the most intelligent character in the film, Scottie P was doing something right: living by his credo.

What is a credo?

A credo is a set of guidelines that guide a person’s actions. Most companies have one too, but they call it their “company beliefs or “company values”. Whatever you or they call it, having a set a guidelines helps making the big decisions (and the little ones) easier and more consistent. Your credo will keep you in check and also let others know what to expect from you. So go ahead, make your own!

4 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Credo:

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Step 1: Make a list of things that are important to you. This can be anything: loyalty, friendship, adventure, skiing, crocheting, can-food drives, etc.

Step 2: Condense your list. Look for a pattern in the words you chose. Do you notice a lot of “adventurous” or “charitable” words? Group them together under one word when possible. The point is, a credo should be easy to remember and recite. It doesn’t have to be long, heck, Scottie P’s was 2 words long and was straight to the point.

Step 3: Make it catchy. As I said above, a credo should be easy to remember and recite. Have fun with it. If you like poetry, why not turn it into a haiku or set it to a short jingle?

Step 4: Apply it to your life and the decisions you make. Live your credo; after all, that’s the point of having one.

It’s as simple as that. So go ahead, make your own and share below!

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